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Parents Without Partners

Member Status

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Some unwritten rules for PWP


Robert Quigley

Richard Dean

Brenda Scott

















  1. Fellowship and friendly contact are keys to chapter success.  Overly friendly overtures and behavior are unacceptable.
  2. Everyone, both men and women are encouraged to ask others to dance.  Everyone is encouraged to accept.
  3. Dating within PWP is acceptable, but if you attend a PWP function with a date, please remember that you are still single and with a single group.  While at the function, remember to mix with others and socialize.
  4.  All events are to be considered dutch treat.  Paying for another person's refreshment does not obligate that person to the person who picks up the tab.
  5. When out and about with PWP as a group, you are responsible for the cost of foods, drinks, and tips for your family and or you.
  6. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult member at all functions.
  7. You do not have to have your children with you to attend a family function.  We encourage all to come and enjoy.
  8. Members' homes are their castles.  Please treat them with respect.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are permitted only at adult social activities.
  10. Bring your PWP card/receipt to all functions.  Host/Hostesses will have the right to refuse admission to any closed function to anyone without proof of membership.