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Parents Without Partners  




4/7  Easter Crafts 12pm-3pm

4/8  Picnic Al Lopez Park 12:30pm-3pm

4/9  Dance classes

4/10  Discussion 7:30pm

4/12  Roller skating 7pm-9pm

4/14  Chuck E Cheese 12pm

4/16  Dance classes

4/19  Board meeting 7:30pm

4/21  Dance Night!!  Yaye!  Open to all, public too.  Rhaposdy Ballroom  Temple Terrace, 56th street, just north of Fowler Ave.  Next to Golden Corral.  Come shake a leg.  8Pm-midnight

4/22  Cyber Bowling 1pm-3pm

4/23  Dance classes

4/24  Mars and Venus Discussion 7:30pm

4/27  Movies 7:30pm

4/28  Side Splitters and Harpo's

4/29  Water skiing and Tubing 1:30pm

4/30  Dance classes